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Exceptional Student Education

Welcome to the Web Site for Exceptional Student Education (ESE). Services are provided to students who may be classified as Learning Disabled; Intellectually Disabled; Emotionally and Behaviorally Disordered; Hearing Impaired; Visually Impaired; Physically Handicapped; Speech Impaired; Language Impaired; Autism Spectrum Disabled and Gifted. Related services include educationally relevant Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. The ESE program is funded from state, federal and local allocations. Policies, programs, and procedures are established in accordance with state and federal regulations and requirements.


Exceptional Education classes are located at all schools. Most students receive their education at their neighborhood school. Students who have a need for services in a special class setting, access a classroom that meets their individual need.


Before completing the 8th grade, ESE students are required to decide whether they will be pursuing a regular or special diploma. Please click here if you are interested in seeing the latest Student Progression Plan for Exceptional Student Education. Upon graduation, each student should be able to follow post-graduation activities as written in their Transition Plan. As a possible option for students who may choose Adult Education, classes have been established in three areas of the county for students with disabilities. Additional classes are accessed through Project Success at the Adult Education Sites.



Fight Child Hunger 5K Poster.pdf

January 14, 2017

The Children's Hunger Project is especially proud to invite everyone associated with and served by the Office of Special Education of Brevard Public Schools to participate in this event at no charge.  Those that you serve are invited, as are their families and friends.  Those that work to serve your students along with their families and friends are invited.  All at no charge thanks to the generosity of Health First, which is covering our expenses so that we can honor the Special Education students and others in this wonderful community event.

For information regarding the January event, click here.  (